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I am the founder of The Prosperous Woman Brand and the creator of transformative retreats at Believe & See Ranch, my beautiful 2-acre oasis in a Vancouver suburb.

My journey to get here hasn't been a straight path. After 25 years in the corporate world, rising to the VP level, I realized that the life I was living no longer fulfilled me. In 2012, in a moment of both frustration and clarity, I resigned over Blackberry (remember those?), I had no idea what I was going to do, I just wanted "more".

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But it was one of the best decisions I ever made. A few months later, I started my own company, Living Forward Business and Lifestyles, an online coaching business that has helped countless entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their goals.



The Ranch

 A few years before, I had rediscovered my love for horses, adopting my first horse at the age of 38. And so began my journey of self-discovery, transformation, and awakening.

As I immersed myself in personal development and learned to be the horsewoman my horse needed me to be, I discovered the magic and transformational power of horses. Reading The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov in 2016 turned my world upside down.

Rediscovering Horses as an Adult

I realized that I needed to bring together my love of coaching and passion for horses and pursue my education in Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching

Once I came to experience horses in a whole new way, and to appreciate their individuality, their intution, and to respect them as sentient beings, I found myself struggling with a lot of the traditional training methods and schools of thought.

I started searching for other ways, and found mentors who I aligned with deeply and learned a new way to be with horses.

My journey led me to embrace a conscious approach to horsemanship, that avoids dominance and transcends riding.  For me it's a practice that involves a deep connection with self and spirit, and really listening to the horse. 

I am a champion for gentle horse training methods, rooted in kindness and mutual respect.  I put our relationship ahead of "goals".  While I still do love to ride, it's now only a part of my relationship with my horses, not all of it.  In fact most of my horses are either retired or not rideable.

And through this I have also become an advocate for "unrideable" horses, and they always have priority for any available space in my barn.  They have so much richness to offer, as you will see when you spend time at our Ranch.

A Conscious Approach to Horsemanship

At 48, I reinvented myself one more time, trading my Louboutins, pencils skirts and blazers, for jeans and cowboy boots, and my dream house on a cul-de-sac for a "fixer-upper" horse ranch.

I named the Ranch "Believe and See Ranch" as it is reflection of my journey, my deeply held beliefs about the power of intention, and a culmination of all the "woo" and work that I teach.

 My journey proves that it's never too late to go after your dream, and create your legacy.

As a coach, I help women achieve their professional and personal goals while embodying their true selves and feminine leadership qualities. Through coaching, workshops, and retreats, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping them align their internal state with their desires and create a prosperous, spacious, and fulfilling life.

one more reinvention

And as of 2023, my offerings have expanded beyond women focused retreats, to include corporate leadership and team-building retreats.

And for those who would love to experience the magic of horses on the ground, I'm super excited to introduce a new budget friendly offering: Equinity - Horse Confidence and Connection Sessions - suitable for all, from ages 15 and up.

The expansion continues

A few years ago, my mentor ask me "Do you want to be a leader in the Coaching Industry, or do you want to work with your horses every day?"

 I  said "Why do I have to choose, can't I do both?"

He said "Of course you can!  Do you want to do both?"

The answer was and still is a resounding YES!


The Intersection of My Passions = Purpose

As a coach, to be able to hold space for others to step into their dreams as I have stepped into mine is meaningful and fills me with joy & purpose.

I am also deeply in love with horses and believe that they have a special wisdom to share with us, as they facilitate growth, healing and connection. And they are catalysts in helping you create the reality you desire.

So whether your goals are professional, deeply personal or you simply want to connect with horses for their own sake - I'm here to help.

Credentials, Training & Mentors

  • Certified, Exec, Professional, Coach - World Coach Institute

  • Certified Group and Master Coach - World Coach Institute

  • Mastery Certified Coach -

  • NLP Practioner - Erickson Coaching International

  • Pysch-K - Completed Basic & Advanced Levels

  • My own past & current private business mentors: - David Neagle, Kendall SummerHawk, Hillary Schneider

  • Horsemanship, Groundwork & Liberty Training - 7 year mentorship with Sandy Lang Horsemanship

  • Certified Facilitator - Equine Guided Leadership & Coaching Horse Medicine Leadership Academy with Hilary Schneider (2 years)

  • Dancing with Equus - Completed EFW-CAN 70 Hour Focus/Foundational Training

  • Whole Horse Apprenticeship- group mentoring & training by Alexa Linton, 4 years 

  • Healing Horses Their Way - Studied Natural Equine Health with Elisha Edwards for 2 years

  • The Willing Equine - Ongoing Education in Positive Reinforcement Horse Training with Adele Shaw

  • Equine First Aid & Barn Safety - University of Guelph

  • 6 Year Barn and Ranch owner, cared for over 13 different horses over the 5 years, including babies, injured horses & rescues 

  • 16 years horse owner-4 of my own

  • Accounting Education- Graduated from CGA-BC in 2005, resigned profession in 2014

  • 30+ years Business experience - 23 years corporate, 11 as an entrepreneur & coach 

Your Equine Coaches


The Ranch

For years, I dreamed of having my own horse property, but little did I know that the perfect gem was hidden just five minutes from my previous home where I lived for 12 years. The moment I set foot on the land, I knew it was meant to be. The energy was palpable, and I felt immediately at home.

The property was a diamond in the rough, and I knew it was going to be a lot of work.  There were days it was overwhelming, but my dream to create an oasis was strong.

You can watch the full transformation in this short 3 minute video

The name says it all...

The land itself feels magical, and I believe it's a living metaphor for the transformation it helps to facilitate in our guests.

It's a place where you can come to let go of the noise of the world, connect with nature, and find your center.

The name "Believe & See Ranch" reflects my deeply held beliefs about the power of intention and the invitation for whoever comes here to create whatever their mind can conceive.

"This ranch is a reflection of my journey, and it's been a labor of love to create this sacred space. It's my hope that when you come here, you feel the same sense of peace and possibility that I do"