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Through our Professional Development workshops, Leadership retreats, team building, private immersions for Personal Growth, and horse confidence sessions you will connect with horses in a unique and transformative way without riding.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

A place where horses, humans,
and hearts come together...

 Whether you've ridden before or are new to the world of horses, you'll find a truly special experience waiting for you at
Believe & See Ranch.

Believe & See Ranch, Is The Prosperous Woman Coaching Company's Facility For Equine Assisted Learning & Coaching.  The name of our ranch is inspired by the quote from Napolean Hill
"Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, it can achieve"

At the heart of our philosophy is a deep belief in the healing power of the horse-human connection, and a commitment to providing a safe, nurturing environment where both horses and humans can thrive

Horses are powerful mirrors for our emotions, energy, and intentions. They are incredibly intuitive creatures that have a way of reflecting our innermost selves back to us in a way that is both profound and enlightening.

Our horses and guests work together in a way that they honors each other's individuality and spirit

The Horse & Human Connection

Our approach to horsemanship is rooted in the belief that horses are sentient beings with their own thoughts, emotions, and personalities, each with a unique wisdom.

 Our training methods are gentle and non-invasive. This allows the horse to learn at their own pace and in a way that feels safe and comfortable for them, fostering a deeper connection between horse and human 

We are committed to championing retired and "unrideable" horses, providing them a sanctuary, and a life of purpose, and showing all they CAN do, instead of what they can't.

A Conscious Approach to Horsemanship


All of our activities with the horses are done on the ground and at your comfort level for proximity.  

Any exercises that are done at liberty in the fields or paddocks can be modified to be on a halter or over the fence with no impact to the profound and transformational experience.

The experience

Whether you join us for one of our Retreats, Coaching Programs, Workshops, or Horse Connection Sessions, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages personal and professional growth along with self-discovery while deepening your connection with horses and nature

 Retreats &

Workshops,  Groups & Team Building

 Confidence & Connection

Our guests come from all over Canada, the US, & Overseas for our multi-day immersions, where they can experience an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and personal and professional transformation & growth

Experience the magic of equine facilitated coaching with our introductory workshops, or create a custom program for your curated group. 

We also offer team building workshops and leadership retreats

 Our Budget-Friendly Equinity sessions apply the principles of equine assisted coaching to help you gain experience, build confidence and deep connection with horses in a safe and supportive environment outside of traditional riding lessons,

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Our Facility

Believe & See Ranch is a unique urban oasis, nestled on 2 acres of beautiful land with a tranquil pond, water features, pastures, and an abundance of wildlife.

 Our belief is that the land itself is a co-creator in healing and transformation, which is why we've created a space where people can connect with nature and discover their own inner wisdom.

The many species of birds that inhabit our property, including our 2 resident crows -we've nicknamed "Russell & Sheryl", with their joyful songs and secret lives, add to the peaceful and magical ambiance.

The energy of the land, combined with our equine partners,
creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for deep connection,
 personal growth, and a sense of serenity.

Your Equine Coaches


Ready to align your work with your deepest purpose? 

Join us at our signature retreat - The Power of The Prosperous Woman. This retreat is designed to transform seasoned women entrepreneurs and leaders into architects of their own legacies

2 Dates to Choose From - June 18-21 or July 22-25

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Join us at our signature retreat:
 The Power of The Prosperous Woman