Horses? I'm In! 

If you're a woman entrepreneur or leader at a crossroads, ready to infuse your work with profound meaning and purpose, then join us for our Signature Equine Partnered retreat, near Vancouver, BC, where you will come away with strategic clarity, enhanced intuitive leadership, ignited creativity, and activated power to confidently build a prosperous legacy doing what you love

2 Dates to Choose From:

JUNE 18-21 OR JULY 22-25 

JUNE 18-21 OR JULY 22-25 

Extended Custom Payment Plans Available
Extended Custom Payment Plans Available

You can work out a monthly payment plan that works for YOU and up to 10 months after the retreat. A deposit is required to secure your spot.

You can work out a monthly payment plan that works for YOU and up to 10 months after the retreat. A deposit is required to secure your spot.

Imagine a serene Pacific Northwest morning at Believe & See Ranch, an urban oasis nestled near Golden Ears Provincial Park.  Birdsongs harmonize with garden waterfalls as you savor morning coffee by the pond, connecting instantly with the women in your sharing circle, feeling like lifelong friends despite having just met.

Amidst graceful willows and majestic maples, the horses await. As your eyes meet theirs, a profound connection, a promise of peace and belonging, steals your breath. Moving closer, the comforting scent of horses envelops you, anchoring you in the present.  One horse, in particular, captivates your attention, its unwavering focus igniting curiosity: "Is this my muse? What wisdom does he hold for me?"

The day is enriched with powerful and energizing leadership lessons where intuition leads and nature speaks, the warm wind and gentle energy of the horses transport you to a portal of self discovery and empowerment

Here, you're not just learning but living, — feeling connected to the earth, fully in your body, the strength of the horses mirroring the power within you, leading you towards a legacy woven with purpose and heart

A Tranquil Oasis Awaits You

You've stepped into a realm of transformative growth.
The Portal between what is, and what could be.


All of our activities with the horses are done on the ground and at your comfort level for proximity.  

While most exercises are done at liberty (free roaming) in the fields or paddocks, if you're feeling nervous or unsure around horses, they can be modified to be on a rope & halter or over the fence with no impact to the profound and transformational experience.

Do you sometimes feel like you're straddling 2 worlds? The life and success you've already created, vs the evolving vision you have for your life that aligns with your deepest purpose and legacy

Do you want to be able to step back from the day to day operations, freeing you up to pursue purpose driven projects that reflect your deepest (even perhaps secret) ambitions?  

Are you ready to harness the power of a leadership style that's gracefully assertive and confidently feminine? One that is not only effective, without pushing people away, but also ensures your income continues to grow, reflecting a level of personal impact, prosperity and freedom?

Are You feeling the call to something more? 

Do You Love Horses?

Is it time for you to explore, embrace and express your creative and spiritual side in your work, free from fear of judgment? Or perhaps take what you're already doing deeper?

Do you wish to amplify your influence and impact, being known as leader amongst your peers, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change in your community and beyond?

Do you dream of mastering the art of creating the space for work, family and personal avocations to coexist beautifully and create a fulfilling purposeful life?

And last but not least.....

Listen to Your Inner Yes!

YES To All of It!
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If you are hearing and feeling the "yes" to any of these questions - it's time to go deep and listen and learn from your inner wisdom.

Horses, with their innate ability to read and respond to our emotions and energy, serve as profound mirrors to our inner selves. They offer invaluable lessons in authenticity, communication, and self-awareness.  These equine partners become catalysts for growth and clarity, guiding us on a transformative journey of leadership, self-discovery, and creative & spiritual awakening.

Then this retreat is for you

About Believe & See Ranch

Our Ranch, a unique urban oasis, nestled on 2 acres, is located in Beautiful Maple Ridge BC, a Vancouver suburb,  home to the Katzie & Kwantlen First Nations  and also known as the "Horse Trail Capital of BC. The extensive trail network here dates back to the 1800's.

Our belief is that the land itself is a co-creator in healing and transformation, which is why we've created a space where you can connect with nature and your own inner wisdom. 

From the covered deck, comfy loungers by the pond, many different seating and meditation areas, to the fields and horse areas, It's a place where you can come to let go of the noise of the world, connect with nature, and find your center.

The name "Believe & See Ranch" reflects our deeply held beliefs about the power of intention and it extends an invitation to you as our guest, to allow yourself to believe that what you seek is also seeking you.

A living metaphor for transformation

The energy of the land, combined with our equine partners,
creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for deep connection,
 personal growth, and a sense of serenity.

We recommend the Sandman Signature Langley Hotel , a 15-minute scenic drive from the Ranch, and an hour Uber ride from Vancouver International Airport

For your convenience,  we arrange daily transportation between the Sandman and the Ranch, ensuring a seamless retreat experience

You'll have a beautiful and peaceful drive in each morning, taking in the views of the Golden Ears Mountains and the tranquility of watching cows graze in the pastures of local dairy farms (yes, including the Jersey cows) belonging to families that have been in Maple Ridge for generations. 

As nearby hotel options are limited, we advise reserving your space early to ensure comfort and peace of mind. The Sandman offers attractive rates and a flexible cancellation policy for your ease.

While you’re free to choose your preferred accommodation,  kindly note that our organized transport extends exclusively to and from the Sandman Hotel.

And why not extend your stay? Consider arriving a few days earlier or lingering a bit longer to explore the vibrant city of Vancouver. Or perhaps you want to take in a farm or wine tour of the Langley area.

Summer here is a symphony of urban elegance and natural splendor, from bustling cityscapes to tranquil mountains and the soothing ocean. It’s an opportunity to complement your retreat experience with the diverse beauty of British Columbia

A modern & Relaxing Space

 Perfect after a Transformative Day

Please make sure to book at the Sandman SIGNATURE Langley Hotel. Your  welcome package includes contact info so that you can be sure you're booking at the right location.

The Sandman offers a choice of rooms including Single King, Double Queen, and Suites & Lofts. They also have a business center, swimming pool, and gym, and an attached restaurant.

You can of course share a room with another participant to share the cost. 

Recommended Accomodations

But Curious How Horses Actually Help?  Let's Dive In To What You'll Experience With Their Gentle Guidance :

have you been nodding yes ?

Leadership & Influence

Clarity &

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership & Influence

Clarity & Conviction

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life Integration

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership goes beyond words; it thrives in the subtleties of non-verbal communication, accounting for 93% of our interactions. Horses, masters of this realm, offer a unique path to refine your leadership with intuitive grace.

By leading and directing these majestic 1000 lb beings through exercises and challenges, you'll feel so empowered as you connect deeply with your own body language and energy. This interaction, alongside fellow participants, reveals how your presence adapts in different contexts, helping you become a more effective and influential leader.

You'll uncover your distinct leadership style, blending grace, power, and courage for impactful results. By learning to regulate your energy, you'll develop emotional intelligence, foster stronger relationships, and create a ripple effect of positive change in your business and community.

Master The Art of Non Verbal Communication

Clarity & Conviction

Leadership & Influence

Clarity &

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership & Influence

Clarity & Conviction

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life Integration

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Horses co-regulate emotions in their herd like tuning forks, creating a profound sense of settling, bonding, and attunement. As you engage with them in gentle reflective activities, you'll personally experience this extraordinary connection—an indescribable feeling that's as powerful as it is poetic.

This immersion activates your parasympathetic nervous system, inviting in a deep and serene sense of calm, clarity, and creativity. Emotional barriers dissipate, and fresh ideas effortlessly surface as you release long-held limiting beliefs, opening up to new perspective and possibilities.

Within this reflective space, your leadership vision will crystallize, fortifying your courage release your self from the daily minutia, and to wholeheartedly embrace new and purposeful projects.

Balancing introspection with strategic planning, you will feel so inspired and motivated as you gain insights to confidently step into your vision, harmonizing your current achievements with your evolving path. 


Creativity &

The space to reflect  is your space to emerge ready to lead with renewed focus and insight.

Leadership & Influence

Clarity &

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life

Enjoy The Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership & Influence

Clarity & Conviction

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life Integration

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

On this retreat, peace and sanctuary await as nature's whispers and the wisdom of horses gently guide your journey of self-discovery. Within this safe haven, you'll peel back the layers of your creativity and spirituality.

Often, our most profound insights and ideas remain hidden in the depths of our subconscious. Some realizations that emerge during reflective equine activities may not initially find words to express them.

Through meditation, visualization, and expressive arts, you'll explore these aspects and gain the confidence to weave them into your business identity as subtly or boldly as you desire.

Imagine the feeling of liberation and empowerment that comes with this process.  Not only does it offer a cathartic release, but it also plays a pivotal role in crafting a financially prosperous business that aligns your creative and spiritual self with your professional identity. By infusing your business with your authentic essence, you create a lasting legacy

Whole Life

"To Get what you really want you must first be who
you really are"

Tim Grover

Leadership & Influence

Clarity &

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership & Influence

Clarity & Conviction

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life Integration

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

To fully embody your essence in your business and create the impact and difference you desire, YOU need to take center stage creating space where your personal and professional endeavors coexist.

That means mastering boundaries! Horses love them and they're going to teach you to love them too! 

You'll learn how to read their energy bubble and how to claim yours.  You'll hone the skill of articulating your needs, so that you can free up more time for family and personal pursuits, and much needed self care.

Imagine how empowered you'll feel when you learn to unapologetically prioritize what YOU need in real time.

By connecting with our accepting equine companions, you'll also deepen your self-love, exploring ways to uphold your core values, even when practicality demands tough choices. You'll gain the confidence to make decisions that feel true to your principles —cultivating a life where balance and fulfillment go hand in hand

Horse Time

"There is no such thing as work-life balance. It is all life. The balance has to be within you"


Leadership & Influence

Clarity &

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Leadership & Influence

Clarity & Conviction

Creative & Spiritual Exploration

Whole Life Integration

Enjoy the Pace of "Horse Time"

Imagine feeling grounded, peaceful, and refreshed daily as you disconnect from life's noise and distractions, immersing yourself in our serene oasis where time slows amidst nature and horses.

How great will it feel to be in the company and collective wisdom of experienced women business leaders, who bring a depth of richness and life experience that is often overlooked in the on-line space. 

Each day begins with intention, ends with sharing, and unfolds to the rhythm set by our equine partners in a growth-focused, connective environment.

Feel free to answer the call for solitude or reflectionthis journey is yours. It's about harmonizing your rhythm with our horses, facilitators, and fellow participants

Our days blend curriculum structure with the serendipity of 'horse time,' embracing the unexpected, savoring slowness, and honoring the transformative wisdom these majestic creatures bring.


Time Stands Still When You Are On "Horse Time"

"I had no idea it would reveal a couple of huge blind spots where I was holding myself back and what an impact that had been having on my business.

I came away with shedding a false identity and a renewed sense of trust and boldness which has already translated into generating more income in my business.

I will never forget this and am eternally grateful for this experience.

"Spending two days with you and the herd was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had in my life"

Giddy up!
This is exactly what i need
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-Simona Ksoll |

Captured Memories 

Our on-site photographer will be present to capture your memories. but they will be discreet and not interfere with your experience.

You of course are welcome and encouraged to take as many of your own photos as you wish - but when interacting with the horses themselves, guests are not permitted to bring electronics for safety reasons.  By having our photographer there - you can immerse yourself in the experience and know that the best moments will be captured.

This complimentary service ensures you have beautiful, professionally taken photographs to remember and share, complementing your personal snapshots

We pride ourselves on supporting local caterers and restaurants, bringing you an array of fresh, seasonal, and locally-sourced delights that not only tantalize your taste buds but also contribute to the local community.

Just imagine the fresh taste of farm to table produce, or the heavenly melt in your mouth artisanal cheese made by a local family cheese maker from their own grass fed Jersey cows. 

We will be honoring the diverse culinary influences in Vancouver.  Expect a delightful array of dishes, including seafood, Asian-inspired flavors, hearty salads, plant based options, and a selection of savory appetizers, nutritious snacks, and grazing boards.

For those with a sweet tooth, you will absolutely love the local favorite, the Nanaimo bar, a local dessert that's a delightful blend of chocolate, coconut, and custard. 

And if you have any specific dietary concerns, rest assured, we will accommodate them.

Delicious West Coast Inspired Food

3 & 1/2 days of Discovery And Growth

Your retreat Roadmap

welcome ceremony & Orientation

welcome ceremony & Orientation

Day 1 - Begin your journey at Believe & See Ranch with a relaxing evening of connection and intention-setting, from 4 to 7 pm.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our ranch and forge meaningful bonds with fellow participants while enjoying delicious appetizers and refreshments. 

We will also be covering safety, any physical limitations you may have, as well as a tour of the Ranch. This evening is more than an introduction; it's the foundation for your transformative experience.

The Journey

The Journey

Day 2 to 4  is where you'll dive deep into the heart of our retreat experience. The daily pick up & drop off times for will be sent to you as we get closer to the date.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided daily.

You will have half an hour to enjoy the ranch, and breakfast each morning, diving into each day's activities, and a half hour at the conclusion of the day before your car picks you up.  

Each day unfolds with a blend of serene self-reflection and dynamic horse-led activities.

While there is an overall structure, we work with the feedback the horses give us, allowing for fluid and responsive learning experiences, meaning there is no strict schedule within the day. It's a welcome change of pace! 

Closing Ceremony & Farewell

Closing Ceremony & farewell

Our last day together is an extended day.

Conclude your journey with a light dinner and a heartfelt closing ceremony.

Share reflections, celebrate growth, and solidify the bonds formed over these transformative days.

After we set intentions for what comes next, we'll share a heartfelt goodbye.

Your car will pick you up at 7:00 pm to return to your hotel

A beautiful fire is a great way to conclude our time together.  However this part of the ceremony is subject to any municipal or provincial burn bans that may be in effect, and so we cannot guarantee that we will have a fire

these Evenings Are Yours

These Evenings are yours

On Days 2 & 3 we conclude at approximately 4 pm.   Remembering we are on "Horse Time" we may go past this end time if the horses decide we need to.  However you will still have half an hour after concluding to enjoy the serenity of the Ranch before your ride picks you up.

You will still be dropped off early enough to explore local dining options, or enjoy the company of your new friends, or simply just go back to your room and journal and unwind. 

How you spend these 2 activity free nights, is up to you. However we do recommend an early night (especially on Day 2 as we have an extra early start on Day 3) and a good nights sleep so that you are refreshed and ready for the day's activities.   

Throughout the retreat, you'll find a harmonious blend of serenity and interaction. Moments of personal reflection intertwine with group activities, coaching sessions, and creative expressions.
The retreat's pace is intentionally unhurried, allowing you to fully engage with each experience and absorb every insight.

Throughout the retreat, you'll find a harmonious blend of serenity and interaction. Moments of personal reflection intertwine with group activities. The retreat's pace is intentionally unhurried, allowing you to fully engage with each experience and absorb every insight.

-Christen Schneider |

"I've worked with Nafissa for business strategy for years and she's helped me through some really tough personal patches that could have taken my business down, brought me clarity on mindset blocks, and so much more.

What had always seemed to escape me, though, was my big purpose... After the first day of our time at the ranch, I woke up at 4 am and I had it! .

I wrote 4 pages in my journal that morning, and I reread them regularly.

They keep me pointed in the right direction whenever I have big decisions and they get me going when I'm not feeling it that day.

The retreat was priceless, and I can't wait to go back"

""I was surprised at how quietly impactful my time with the herd was at Believe and See Ranch...."

I'm Chomping at the Bit

Did Someone Say "Bonuses"?

  • A private 30-minute pre-event call with Nafissa so she can get to know you and learn about your goals.

  • A lot of reflection may still be happening after you leave. After your retreat you will have 30 days of Voxer access to Nafissa and a 30 minute follow up connection call.

  • Access to a private Facebook community and Voxer Chat group exclusive to your dates that will open 2 weeks before the retreat and stay open until the end of August. Get to know everyone before you arrive and have ongoing support after you leave.

  • A post-event mastermind /sharing circle with your group by Zoom. 

  • Beautiful professional photographs of the event (we will provide the guests a Dropbox link of the digital files of the best captures of the event) with full license that you may use as you wish.

"The Retreat was a transformational experience.   It was so much more than just a retreat... was a “deep dive” into breaking through what holds us back. I left with a renewed sense of self and an exciting action plan for the months ahead.

 Most impactful though was the incredible group of women and the inspirational shared experiences we had together. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!”

-Nicole Kirby |

Why yes, I did....We've added these bonuses to enhance and deepen your experience

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What's Included

What's Not Included

Two 30-minute private sessions with Nafissa - 1 before & 1 after.

Three and half days of facilitation, Equine activities & post retreat mastermind

All art supplies for Expressive Arts Projects.

Welcome evening appetizers and refreshments on Day 1

Day Time Food during Days 2-4.  Including Breakfast, Snacks, And Lunch.

Coffee, Tea, Refreshments and Snacks (you can even make a latte!)

Informal Dinner on Day 4 to conclude the event

Shuttle Pick Up and Drop Off Each Day from Designated Hotel.

Access to Event Photographs* for your Personal Use

Airfare or other travel costs to Vancouver.

​Hotel Accommodation.

​Transportation from the airport to your accommodation.

Transportation to the Ranch from any location other than the Designated Hotel.

Any meals outside of the Ranch - this includes your 2 "Free Nights" to explore local dining options

Any Uber or transport costs outside of the daily pickup between the hotel and the Ranch.

Personal activities and recreation

Travel Medical and Trip  Cancellation Insurance (Strongly Recommended)

Personal or private photo shoots with our photographer

*Please note, in order to ensure that any photos distributed properly represent our brand we reserve the right to choose which photographs and how many to make available in the Dropbox folder. As event photography is dynamic and the subject includes horses with a mind of their own. we cannot guarantee if a desired photo will turn out.

Your business/profession is about more than just mechanics and monthly milestones; it's about the essence of YOU – your authenticity, your presence, your impact, and your contribution.

You're eager to elevate your leadership and energetic communication skills and fully embrace your true power.

You appreciate the healing power of nature for connecting with your higher self but also value modern comforts.

You value experiential learning and growth, especially experiences that challenge and expand your perspective, requiring you to embrace discomfort and listen to its messages
You're open to being vulnerable with other women and are ready to receive powerful, life-transforming feedback from our horses to foster your growth.

Whether you're a seasoned horsewoman or a curious admirer or anything in between, you are drawn to the healing magic of horses.

You do not see your profession as a deeply personal expression of you, and would are looking for traditional business training focused solely on mechanics and milestones

Delving into your inner landscape and developing your leadership style isn't a priority for you right now.

You're not fond of being outdoors in nature for learning experiences. and prefer highly structured environments. 

You're looking for quick fixes and "how to" blueprints, rather than embarking on a journey of profound personal growth that challenges you to grow.

You are not open to exploring vulnerability, asking for help, receiving unbiased feedback, and surrendering to experiential learning and sharing.

You don’t like horses at all – you don’t have to love them, you can even be a little afraid of them, but if you have no desire to be around them, this retreat is not for you

Is this retreat for you?

It absolutely is if:

It's not a Fit if:

I'm still reading - clearly, this is for me, Nafissa  
>>take me to my options!<<

The long Lasting Benefits Of Your Retreat

Visionary & strategic clarity on aligning your life's purpose with your life's work to create your legacy

A deep connection to your creativity and spirituality, and the confidence to blend the essence of YOU into your professional life

Mastering leadership with compassion and power, so you can weave a tapestry of influence with all whom you interact

Refining your non-verbal and energetic communication skills, you'll master the art of subtle influence. This empowers deeper connections and inspires, strengthening both business and personal relationships

You'll transcend mere 'strengthening' of your boundaries; you'll embody them, with fairness, compassion, and genuine appreciation, cultivating a life where work, family, and personal passions harmoniously dance together

Do you have any Questions?

I've got answers!

Do we ride horses at this retreat?

Do we ride horses at this retreat?

All activities with horses will be on the ground, no riding. The horses will be either haltered or at liberty (free roaming) in the arena, paddocks, and pasture.  This is an incredible and life changing way to experience horses and connect with them on a whole different level, as your guide and muse, instead of a ride.

What if I have no horse experience or am afraid of horses?

What if I have no horse experience or am afraid of horses

Horse experience is not needed in order for you to experience their healing and transformation. They are here to be your guides, sages and healers.

All activities are supervised by myself or another equine professional, and can be modified to suit your comfort level with proximity. It is up to you how much or little you’d like to engage with the horses.  Also it's a good inner reflection to ask what this fear of horses is representing for you and how it's showing up in your life. 

Horses are big animals, how can i be sure i'll be safe?

Horses Are Big Animals, How Can I Be Sure I'll Be Safe?

Safety is our #1 priority.  For both horses and humans.

During our welcome reception you will participate in an in-depth safety briefing, and our facilitators are there to keep a close eye on everything.  We know our horses very well, and have spent thousands of hours training them, we will never put you in a situation that we feel is unsafe.  We also do not allow any unsafe behaviour from our guests.

Please remember that you are always in control of your own experience.   If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please speak up!  All exercises can be modified to suit your comfort level.

I'm an experienced rider how will I benefit?

I'm an experienced rider how will I benefit?

That's wonderful to hear! Your experience as a rider can add a rich dimension to your retreat experience.

As an equestrian, you already have a special connection with horses, and this retreat offers a unique opportunity to deepen that connection in a transformative way. 

This fresh perspective can profoundly impact how you relate to horses and yourself.  The retreat is designed for self-reflection and mindfulness, facilitated by the intuitive presence of horses. This experience can be especially poignant as it taps into and expands the unique bond you already share with these animals.

This retreat offers a chance to experience horses beyond riding. It's an opportunity to see how equine wisdom can influence all aspects of your life including your profession!.

As an equestrian, you'll find that engaging with horses in this context can be an eye-opening and heart-expanding journey, offering a different kind of fulfillment and learning that complements your existing equine experiences.

What if i have physical limitations?

What If I Have Physical Limitations?

All of our exercises with the horses can be adapted to accommodate physical limitations.

This can mean that some activities may require the horse to be haltered and held by a facilitator and not able to roam free, or if necessary it may mean the exercise is done over the fence.  Please be aware that if this is the decision of the facilitators it will be final. It is not meant to take away from  your experience, but rather to ensure it's safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The Heart Math Institute has shown that the horse's heart energy field extends at least 50 feet beyond their body.  The fence, or halter and lead rope, in this case is simply a physical barrier to keep you safe, energetically the horse is unaffected, and your experience will still be profound and transformational

I already have my own mentor, is this for me?

I already have my own mentor, is this for me?

Absolutely. What you learn and experience during an equine retreat will support, enhance and enrich any other work you are already doing. An Equine Experience is a MUST for anyone already doing their inner work. 

What is the exact address of The Ranch?

What is the exact address of The Ranch?

As the Ranch is also my private home, we do not publish our address for safety reasons.  If you stay at our recommended hotel you won't have to worry at all, as we arrange daily transport for you.  If you choose to stay elsewhere, our Client Concierge team will reach out to you closer to the date of your retreat to ensure you have the correct address and directions 

What is The Travel Info?

What is The Travel Info

Suggested Airports:

Vancouver International Airport is approximately 60 minutes Southwest of our suggested hotel.

Abbottsford International Airport is approximately 30 minutes Southeast of our suggested hotel

If you wish to fly into Washington State, USA and drive up (come through the SUMAS border crossing), we're approximately 3 hours from Sea-Tac airport and 1 hour from the Bellingham Airport (border wait times not included) .

Suggested Hotel:

As Believe and See Ranch is in a rural suburb of Vancouver, hotel options are limited. And as this is a small retreat we are not able to secure a room block or special pricing. We recommend the Sandman SIGNATURE Hotel in Langley. at 8828 201 Street in Langley BC.  They have reasonable rates and a flexible cancellation policy. This is also our designated pick up point for the daily shuttle to the ranch.

Please note this is NOT the same as the Sandman Langley Hotel. Please make sure to book the correct hotel using the address & link provided in your welcome pack

You can stay wherever you choose of course, however, please note you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the Ranch

How do i arrange a roommate for the hotel?

How Do I Arrange A Roommate For The Hotel?

If you would like to be matched with a roommate, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to pair you with someone else who is also seeking a roommate. You will also be able to mingle in the Facebook Group or Voxer and find one.  However we finding the roommate is entirely your responsibility, and cannot be guaranteed if the other participants do not wish to share a room.

Do I need special clothing?

Do I need special clothing?

Open toe, high heeled or summer shoes/sandals of any kind will not be permitted.  Safe, closed-toe shoes are a must around horses. The ground can sometimes be uneven, and/or present obstacles so please make sure to wear supportive footwear, that you don't mind getting dirty.

Boots or running shoes are fine. 

Even though it will be summer time, as Vancouver weather can be unpredictable,  please make sure to pack some light rain gear.  Please also make sure to pack a hat to protect yourself from the sun if necessary.

Is there a refund if i can't make it?

Is there a refund if i can't make it?

Due to the intimate nature of these workshops and to ensure each participant has proper time and attention, as well as for the safety of both humans and horses, spaces are very limited. This is how I am able to ensure the best experience possible. As such, once you commit to yourself and request a spot, we commit that spot to you- it's no longer available to anyone else.

For that reason no cash refunds are offered once payment is received.

If due to completely unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances - such as a medical emergency, you cannot attend, please let us know and we'll happily work with you to apply your investment to a future workshop, or program, or if you wish you may transfer it to someone who would like your seat that is not already registered.  

No problem! Let's Talk.  Click the Calendar Icon Below to Be Taken to My Booking Calendar

what if i have other questions and need more info?

a Call

>>I'm so ready take me to my options<<

You may also drop a line to 

Due to The Highly experiential nature of this retreat, attendance is limited to 8 per event

This is to ensure a high quality, comfortable, intimate, and safe experience for each participant, and ensure everyone will have as much horse time as they need without rushing the activities.

We cannot make exceptions
.  Secure your spot at your preferred date as early as possible so as not to be disappointed

As an entrepreneur, business leader, and coach, over the last 30 years, I've built and grown -multiple successful companies and businesses.  

There comes a time and season in our lives where while the money is great - we yearn for something more, and for many of us, that "more" comes in the form of making a difference through our work, and our calling.

I'm certainly no stranger to bringing together our avocations with our vocation! 

Attending an equine partnered retreat about 7 years ago, was a huge catalyst in finding my own clarity and courage to bring together my love of personal development and business growth with my passion for horses, and to achieve my certification in education in Equine Facilitated Leadership, and buying the Ranch. 
I lead women leaders on a journey of self-discovery and growth through online coaching, workshops, and retreats. My approach blends business strategy with the transformative power of horses and nature, aligning inner desires with external success for a prosperous, fulfilling life

I've I designed this retreat "The Power of The Prosperous Woman" for women entrepreneurs and leaders such as you who are also feeling the call that "It's time" for YOUR more.

I'm Nafissa Shireen, your host for this powerful retreat

Hi There! 

 I'm deeply passionate about gentle horsemanship, and bringing awareness to the value horses bring as sentient beings that goes beyond riding or perceived "usefulness".   As much as I love to ride, my dream is also to normalize NOT riding, for those horses who simply cannot be ridden, and still deserve a home and long life of love. We've provided a home to several "unrideable" and senior horses over the years to live out their best days, and will continue to prioritize space for them in our barn.  A portion of all event proceeds is donated to J&M Horse Rescue in honor of our own rescue Adira. 

Yes!  You understand my journey! sign me up!

let's do it!

On a personal note: