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< Nafissa Shireen

Maple Ridge, BC

Friday August 25

If you've ever found that this time of year can leave you feeling a little "off-balance" and disconnected from your purpose and needing a reset, all while feeling "on the cusp" of something new, you are not alone.

Sometimes You Need To Do The Deep Work

And Other Times, You Simply Need A Gentle Pause
To Re-Center And Re-Align

The palpable change in the air when the Labour Day weekend approaches,

The paradox is that in some ways it feels like the start of an energetic new year, while also signalling of the final chapter of the calendar year.

And making this feel even more jarring is the upcoming transition from the warm carefree days of summer to the hustle and bustle and productivity that is going to start with a "bang" on Sept 5th.

Do you Feel It?

Your Equine guides will help you consciously quiet your logical mind so you can hear your intuition speaking ( your gut & heart brains)

You will reconnect with yourself, your goals, and to reintegrate mind & body 

Check in with your intentions, reconnect with your inner point of balance, creating clarity and alignment on your inner journey and its outward manifestation.

Cultivate deep, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships, personally and professionally.

Equi-Librium is The Gentle Pause You've Been Craving

Equi-librium is The Gentle Pause You've Been Craving

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All of our activities with the horses are done on the ground and at your comfort level for proximity.  

While most exercises are done at liberty in the fields or paddocks, they can be modified to be on a halter or over the fence with no impact to the profound and transformational experience.

With horses you’ll get access to a deeper wisdom, Illuminating your path.

With that comes clarity, strength and the opportunity to create real and lasting change

They act as mirrors to show you how you’ve been showing up in relationship with yourself, with others and your business.

 They offer pure feedback without any bias or judgment, allowing you to bring your deeper truths forward..

95% of our communication lies in the non verbal, subconscious & energetic realm. 

Horses will teach you where you excel and where you miss the mark in these oh-so important areas of communication.

Directing & connecting a thousand pound creature through mental focus, energy, creative visualization and intention, awakens your awareness of your true power and potential.

Every interaction is an enriching & life changing experience  

Pure Magic Happens....

When Horses & Humans Get Together

"It was such an amazing way to learn & understand... what was most relevant for me"

I really enjoyed the Mini Retreat!

It was such a warm and inviting space to connect, recharge, and tune in.  Working with the horses was such an amazing way to learn and understand more deeply, what is most relevant for me in the moment.  I really enjoyed learning & connecting with the group as well, Nafissa is warm, wise & creates a beautiful safe space for growth and healing.

It's a unique experience that invites deeper exploration of self in a beautiful, relaxing space"

Andrea Ferguson| TheFitLifeMethod.com

Disconnect from your routine and surround yourself with the magic of nature, the power of community, and the alchemy of equines so you can reconnect with your inner balance point.

Horses act as mirrors, without bias and without agenda. They respond purely and simply to your energy, and they require that you tune out the outside world and be truly present.
A horse will show up as a reflection of how you’ve shown up in the moment, as well as how you’ve shown up for yourself in the past. 

- They will show you where you are leaking energy and focus, and bring you back to balance. 

​ -They will teach you about courage and trusting yourself.

​- They'll model the setting and honoring of healthy boundaries and teach you how to bring them forth in your life with compassion and love.

​​- They'll call you out if you're not fully aligned and congruent in your purpose.

Spend an Afternoon With this Magical Herd, a Powerful Circle of Women, And Me

We ALL Need a Reset From Time to Time

Distraction, information overload, noise, and other people's priorities hit us from all sides every day. 

Consciously quieting the mind, & checking in with our gut & heart brains is how we realign and stay on the path of our purpose and calling. 

I'm blessed to live with this incredible herd, and one day in my own meditation and getting quiet, the concept of Equi-librium was brought forth.   

A gentle pause, to ground, check in with your intentions and goals, and reconnect with your center of balance, clarity and alignment.

And this time of year, as we transition from a chapter of relaxation to one of productivity, it's absolutely perfect.

It's a little more casual than our deep immersions and multi-day retreats, yet still an incredibly powerful way to indulge in some self care for your soul. (...at a very affordable investment)

These Mini Retreats will run several times throughout the year, with different themes, intentions and structure.   

Our next workshop is on August 25  from 11 am to 3pm.  

If you'd like to curate an experience with your own select group of friends, or perhaps an afternoon of team building, then you can also book a Private Equi-librium on a date of your choosing.

How Equi-librium Came To Be


and into your body & soul

 I'm excited to offer a unique opportunity for you to pause, reflect, and recharge

You'll re-connect with your inner balance point, and create space for the energetic shift that is just around the corner, It's an opportunity to align ourselves with the energy of the upcoming season and hit the ground running with purpose, intention, and soulful connection.

“….horses relate to the world from a feminine or “yin” perspective.
As a result, the species is a living example of the success and
effectiveness of feminine values, including cooperation over competition,
responsiveness over strategy,
 emotion and intuition over logic, process over goal,
and the creative approach to life that these qualities engender…..

(They’re) highly effective in helping people reintegrate mind and body,
increase awareness of unconscious behavior patterns, and develop
the self-confidence, stress management, and assertiveness skills that
lead to increased success”

Linda Kohanov
Author of Tao of Equus,

You will be warmly welcomed, with a goody bag, as well as light refreshments and snacks 

This highly experiential Mini Retreat will start with an opening Circle, of community, connection, and intention setting.

You'll meet and work with the Herd, in unforgettable and life changing interactions. They'll illuminate your inner truths, patterns,  and wisdom, while they help you find clarity on your next steps.  

To anchor your experience and learnings from the Herd, you'll create your very own talisman in a powerful visualization & expressive arts exercise that they will be part of.

And we'll return to our Circle to share, commit to action steps & conclude.

What to Expect

For Safety & Comfort Attendance is Limited to 8 Participants.

Your Equine Coaches



At 30 he's our most senior horse here. He's Intuitive, charming, kind, loyal, smart and with a wicked 
sense of humor. He's definitely 
"been there, done that"

He's a sage, a healer and a truth seeker. 
He's walked the path of deep transformation 
himself, and is the embodiment of love, loyalty and deep connection..

He can see into your soul before you've 
even said "hello" and is only interested in the real you. 
You can't hide your truth from him, 
he'll bring it out even if you haven't seen it yet.


A magnificent mare with a powerful presence
 a heart of gold, & a story that touches the soul. 
As a rescued horse, she embodies strength, resilience, & unwavering grace.

She has risen above her past with a spirit that shines through her eyes. Adira is a true symbol of hope and healing, with a gentle spirit & remarkable sensitivity.

Her journey is an inspiration to all who have faced adversity or pressure to conform to societal norms.

 She reminds us to embrace our vulnerabilities, connect with our inner selves, and follow our hearts towards a life of purpose and joy.


Friendly, outgoing, curious, and completely unbothered by his GIANT size, Wolfe is a big teddy bear.

He's always in a good mood. He will teach you about boundaries, trust, confidence, body language, and how you're showing up for yourself and others.

Wolfe will show you how to not be intimidated by anyone, and that if you focus on the good in life, then nothing is too big for you to handle.


This magnificent horse models grace, empathy, and kindness, and will show you that even when life knocks you down, you can rise up stronger.

Escudo is wise, intuitive, and energy-sensitive, and he will demand clarity and congruency from you, asking you to be brave and reminding you of your own power and courage. 

A gentle horse with a wild spirit he loves to dance and play, 
He will teach you how to step into your own leadership, and show you that you are your own hero.

With Escudo as your guide, you will feel protected and supported as you explore your own strength and potential.

"It sounded like an opportunity to get out of my head, into my heart and into nature....

And that's exactly what happened.

...aside from having a pleasant, fun day, and adventure and all that....I was able to get some insights into how I lead and reconnect with my personal power.

...There's wisdom from horses and wisdom through horses"

-Sue Clement | SueClement.com

"It was so much more than just a retreat...

...it was a “deep dive” into breaking through what holds us back. I left with a renewed sense of self and an exciting action plan for the months ahead.

 Most impactful though was the incredible group of women and the inspirational shared experiences we had together. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!”

-Nicole Kirby | nicolekirbycoaching.com

Watch the video to learn about  Sue's Experience

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August, 11-3 PM

Inquire about a Private Equi-Librium Event

Private Equi-Librium Events are Custom & Curated. The final investment per person will depend on the container you require, including any additional services, time or catering your require.

Completely private and semi private solo-immersions are also available. Contact me directly for a quote.

3 person minimum

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We are strong advocates for Horse Welfare. A portion of all event proceeds from our Equine Retreats and Workshops are donated to J&M Horse Rescue.

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

By Purchasing You Are Agreeing to The Following:

  • To arrive on time so that you can fully participate in the safety orientation & briefing and agree to abide by all safety directions and understand failure to do so may result in removal from the workshop. NO refunds will be issued.
  • As registration is limited to 8 people, once you enroll we cannot make the spot available to anyone else. Therefore, ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. However you may transfer your enrollment to someone else as long as they sign the necessary waivers & release forms.
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • Upon registration you will receive a welcome packet by email that contains a liability waiver for all equine activities. These are a requirement of our insurance policy. Participants who do not sign these forms will not be able to participate in the event & no refunds will be given.
  • Professional event photos & videos (no audio)will be taken during the event, and you agree to sign a Media Release, which will also be included in the welcome packet. You are also welcome to take as many photos as you like, however for your safety, we just do not allow any electronics in when you are actually IN with the horses, but you may ask another participant to take pictures on your behalf.
  • The retreat will happen rain or shine. Refunds will not be issued for rain. However should an extreme weather event that in our estimation will affect safety, or any unforeseeable event that requires the event to be postponed you will have the option in that case to either attend a rescheduled event or a refund, whichever one works best for you.


got questions?

I have answers!

Horse experience is not needed in order for you to experience their healing and transformation. They are here to be your guides, sages and healers.   

All activities are supervised by myself or another equine professional, and can be modified to suit your comfort level with proximity, including having a fence between you and the horse. It is up to you how much or little you’d like to engage with the horses. While this retreat is not about horsemanship, I've had clients who've healed their long time fears with horses as an extra bonus transformation. Also it's a good inner reflection to ask what this fear of horses is representing for you and how it's showing up in your life. 

What if I have no horse experience and/or am afraid of horses?

All activities with horses will be on the ground, no riding. The horses will be either haltered or at liberty in the arena, paddocks, and pasture.

Do we ride horses in this retreat?

Absolutely. What you learn and experience during an equine retreat will support, enhance and enrich any other work you are already doing. An Equine Experience is a MUST for anyone already doing their inner work. 

I already have another coach, is this for me?

As the Ranch is also my private home, the actual address and directions will be provided upon registration. 

Where exactly in Vancouver is Believe and See Ranch?

Please note that open toe or summer shoes of any kind will not be permitted. Safe, closed-toe shoes are a must around horses. High heels are also not permitted. The ground can sometimes be uneven, and/or present obstacles. Boots or running shoes are fine. Please don't bring your fancy shoes or anything dressy - not only will they be ruined, they may be not be permitted if not safe.
Vancouver weather can be unpredictable, if you're travelling, please make sure to pack some light rain gear. While there is a covered facility in the event of inclement weather, all work with the horses will be outside.

Do I need special clothing?

Due to the intimate nature of these retreats and to ensure each participant has proper time and attention, as well as for the safety of both humans and horses, spaces are limited. This is how I am able to ensure the best experience possible. As such, once you commit to yourself and request a spot, we commit that spot to you- it's no longer available to anyone else. For that reason no refunds are offered. 

If due to completely unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances -  you cannot attend, please let us know and we'll happily work with you to transfer your ticket to another person or to apply your investment to a future retreat.

Is there a refund if I change my mind or can't make it?

Simply the checkout box above, and you’ll be taken to a check out form. You'll receive a confirmation email with directions, instructions and the waiver and release forms as required by our insurance.  Please also note that before you can confirm your place on the checkout form you will be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the event. 

How do I Enroll?

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If you want to read my professional bio you can here 

As an entrepreneur, business leader, and coach, over the last 30 years, I've built and grown -multiple successful companies and businesses. Either as a leader on the executive team for various corporations or small business, and as the owner of my own businesses.

I've also coached many entrepreneurs to building their own
6 and 7 figure businesses

I'm Nafissa Shireen

Hi There! 

As the founder of The Prosperous Woman, I'm dedicated to helping women achieve their professional and personal goals, while embodying their true selves and feminine leadership qualities. Through coaching, workshops, and retreats, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping them align their internal state with their desires and create a Prosperous, spacious and fulfilling life.

With a deep connection to self and spirit, I bring a unique perspective to business strategy and leadership. What sets me apart is the incorporation of equine coaching and nature, which offers a deep and transformative experience of both personal and professional growth.

I created the Equi-librium & Equinox Series of workshops to be able to provide an easily affordable and accessible way to work with my Herd while still creating profound results.