A 3-Day Retreat with Nafissa Shireen at Her Private Ranch Near Vancouver, BC

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2024 Dates TBA

Metamorphosis & Manifestation






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About Nafissa

When you connect with the power of your own energy and align it with Your desires,
incredible things can happen. 

It's not about finding and "fixing" something wrong about you, but rather unlocking the limitless possibilities within you

At the heart of every woman lies a deep well of untapped potential and boundless creativity.

It's normal to feel both exhilarated and intimidated when you're on the edge of your next level of expansion and evolution  You may be hesitant even to claim what you really want

You know that you need to shift something in how you're BEing, and that can mean making a big change or a small one.

Figuring out what that is can feel elusive at best

At the heart of every woman lies a deep well of untapped potential and boundless creativity.

It's normal to feel both exhilarated and intimidated when you're on the edge of your next level of expansion and evolution.

You know that you need to shift something in how you're BEing, and that can mean making a big change or a small one.

Figuring out what that is can feel elusive at best

Become The Energetic Match
For What You Desire

Experience a heightened sense of awareness and deep understanding as you enrich your connection to the natural world around you

Be empowered and confident in your desires and your ability to create your reality, learning to work with your own energy in even more potent ways.

Take your manifesting skills to the next level, becoming an even more powerful magnet for the abundance, love, and success you desire.

Embrace the profound shifts that can occur in your personal and professional life, as you become more fully aligned with your energy and desires.

They say “you attract what you are in harmony with”.

Are you ready to take your energetic alignment to the next level, and aligning it even more deeply with your true desires?

Experience the Evolution and Expansion that Occurs When You Harness the Gentle and Intuitive Power of Horses to Align Your Energy and Desires.

Metamorphosis & Manifestation

Become it and Recieve It!

2024 Dates TBA

A soulful and transformative retreat, immersed in the nature and guided by the intuitive wisdom of our equine partners

Imagine how it would feel to connect on a deeper level to your own energy and...


All of our activities with the horses are done on the ground and at your comfort level for proximity.  

While most exercises are done at liberty in the fields or paddocks, they can be modified to be on a halter or over the fence with no impact to the profound and transformational experience.

Working with horses offers you the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, heightening your awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and intentions.


 Horses act as a mirror for your inner landscape, revealing the hidden factors that may be affecting your life in profound ways.

 You'll experience the incredible power of directing and connecting with these majestic 1000 lb animals, developing a deeper understanding of the role that mental focus, energy, and intention play in achieving your goals..


Horses are intuitive beings, who can help you tap into the power of your nonverbal communication and gain deeper insight into your energy and how it's impacting your reality

Horses will guide you toward greater mindfulness, helping you to show up more fully in your life, so that you can align your energy with your true desires and manifest 
what you truly want.

Pure Magic Happens....

When Horses & Humans Get Together

Three Intimate Days...

During our time together, your Equine Guides and I will facilitate a series of experiences that allow you to own your desires and connect more deeply with your energy signature, and understand how it influences your experiences.

Your equine guides will help you quiet your logical mind and access your intuition, and innate strengths

Whether you're an experienced manifestor or new to the practice, you'll have the opportunity to see where you're in alignment and where you're not, and with the gentle feedback of the horses, make adjustments in real time to create the reality you want.
We’ll explore expressive arts, equine-assisted belief change, quiet reflection, deep exercises, and guided visualizations together.And the best part? You won't be stuck in a bland conference room. You'll be surrounded by the beauty and healing power of horses and nature.

We understand that every woman's journey is unique, which is why we'll provide individual attention to your needs, while also fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals..

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"Horses are highly effective in helping people reintegrate mind and body, increase awareness of unconscious behavior patterns, and develop the self-confidence, stress management, and assertiveness skills that lead to increased success"

Linda kohanov - the tao of equus

"Spending two days with you and the herd was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had in my life...

I had no idea it would reveal a couple of huge blind spots where I was holding myself back and what an impact that had been having on my business. Jeez!!!

You can't see what you can't see until somebody turns the light on and the horses did that for me in more ways than one.

I had no idea what to expect and what they'd be able to pull out of me. I came away with shedding a false identity and a renewed sense of trust and boldness which has already translated into generating more income in my business.
I will never forget this and am eternally grateful for this experience. Excited for the entrepreneurs who will join you for this retreat. Get ready to have your mind blown (in a good way)."

-Simona Ksoll | simonaksoll.com


and into your body & soul

Disconnect from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature.

Our retreat is an immersive transformative experience that invites you to take a deep breath, exhale and let go. You'll step away from the busy-ness of everyday life and find the peace and stillness that can only be discovered in a natural setting.

During our time together, you'll have the opportunity to connect with yourself and the magnificent equine guides who will walk beside you on your journey.

You'll discover the nuance of your own nonverbal communication and energy, and how to align your inner being with your outer world.

Together, we'll unlock how you will become an energetic match for what you truly desire

Spend Three Intimate Days with My Herd, A Powerful Circle of
Like-Minded Women, and Me, As We Embark on a Journey of
Alignment and Transformation.

Your retreat is three full days with lunches, snacks, and one dinner on the final day provided.

There will be an event photographer so that you can be assured to capture memories but they will be discreet and not interfere with your experience.

Below is a general outline of what the days will look like. We will be on "horse time".  We are there for their wisdom and guidance, if they decide you need to learn something that's not on the curriculum, we honor the messenger and adapt!  

What to Expect

Each day will include meditation, expressive arts, group and individual time with the horses, facilitation, with lots of space for discussion, reflection and integration.

Of course when it comes to the horses, we prioritize safety both physical and emotional and are happy to adapt any exercises to your comfort level.

We will take breaks as necessary over the day - for you to integrate, recharge, refresh and of course refuel. 

You'll arrive each day at approximately 9:30 am There will be coffee & refreshments waiting.

Get centered and ready for the day which officially begins at 10 am. Spend time in nature walking the property, interacting with the other guests, or simply sitting by the pond and enjoying the stillness by the waterfalls.
On the first day there will be an in depth safety briefing, and we will do a quick review each morning.

On Day 2 & 3 if you want to interact with any horses prior to the day starting you will be welcome to - however for safety it will be "over the fence" when not in facilitated activities.

Each day begins by setting intentions, and on your first day you will start by meeting The Herd and listening for the unique message each horse has for you for this event

This is not a "seminar" where you listen to me speak! This is a highly interactive and experiential 3 days with at least 2-3 equine activities daily.

Each Day is a Journey

An Invitation to Surrender

Rest & Reflection

On Day 1 & 2 the shuttle will arrive at approximately 4:30 pm so you can return to your hotel to relax for the evening. 

Make sure to stay hydrated, block out all distractions and get a good nights sleep. 

On Day 3 we will conclude with a dinner together and as long as there are no provincial or city burn bans in effect we will close with a fireside ceremony and your car will pick you up at 7 pm 

Due to the highly experiential nature of this retreat,
enrolment is limited to 8 people.

Secure your spot now before it's too late!

Your Equine Coaches



At 30 he's our most senior horse here. He's Intuitive, charming, kind, loyal, smart and with a wicked 
sense of humor. He's definitely 
"been there, done that"

He's a sage, a healer and a truth seeker. 
He's walked the path of deep transformation 
himself, and is the embodiment of love, loyalty and deep connection..

He can see into your soul before you've 
even said "hello" and is only interested in the real you. 
You can't hide your truth from him, 
he'll bring it out even if you haven't seen it yet.


A magnificent mare with a powerful presence
 a heart of gold, & a story that touches the soul. 
As a rescued horse, she embodies strength, resilience, & unwavering grace.

She has risen above her past with a spirit that shines through her eyes. Adira is a true symbol of hope and healing, with a gentle spirit & remarkable sensitivity.

Her journey is an inspiration to all who have faced adversity or pressure to conform to societal norms.

 She reminds us to embrace our vulnerabilities, connect with our inner selves, and follow our hearts towards a life of purpose and joy.


Friendly, outgoing, curious, and completely unbothered by his GIANT size, Wolfe is a big teddy bear.

He's always in a good mood. He will teach you about boundaries, trust, confidence, body language, and how you're showing up for yourself and others.

Wolfe will show you how to not be intimidated by anyone, and that if you focus on the good in life, then nothing is too big for you to handle.


This magnificent horse models grace, empathy, and kindness, and will show you that even when life knocks you down, you can rise up stronger.

Escudo is wise, intuitive, and energy-sensitive, and he will demand clarity and congruency from you, asking you to be brave and reminding you of your own power and courage. 

A gentle horse with a wild spirit he loves to dance and play, 
He will teach you how to step into your own leadership, and show you that you are your own hero.

With Escudo as your guide, you will feel protected and supported as you explore your own strength and potential.

"I was surprised at how quietly impactful my time with the herd was at Believe and See Ranch....

I've worked with Nafissa for business strategy for years and she's helped me through some really tough personal patches that could have taken my business down, brought me clarity on mindset blocks, and so much more.

What had always seemed to escape me, though, was my big purpose... After the first day of our time at the ranch, I woke up at 4 am and I had it! 

-Christen Schneider | christenschneider.com

The moment you say "Yes", your journey begins...

This experience includes support both before and after the retreat.

Personal Attention

A Community of Support

A detailed intake so Nafissa can learn about you.

A private 30-minute pre-event call with Nafissa so she can understand your business and your goals.

One 30-minute wrap-up call with Nafissa after the retreat to solidify your action and implementation plan.

Direct email or Voxer access to Nafissa for 30 days after the retreat.

Access to a private Facebook community that will open 2 weeks before the retreat and stay open until the end of August. Get to know everyone before you arrive and have ongoing support after you leave.

A post-event mastermind to further your learning. This will be your opportunity to ask any additional questions and seek out support.

I wasn't just writing emails and building funnels anymore...I was giving people who were doing big things what they needed to build a movement and make an impact. I wrote 4 pages in my journal that morning, and I reread them regularly. They keep me pointed in the right direction whenever I have big decisions and they get me going when I'm not feeling it that day. 

The retreat was priceless, and I can't wait to go back!

"It was a transformational two days.   It was so much more than just a retreat...

...it was a “deep dive” into breaking through what holds us back. I left with a renewed sense of self and an exciting action plan for the months ahead.

 Most impactful though was the incredible group of women and the inspirational shared experiences we had together. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!”

-Nicole Kirby | nicolekirbycoaching.com

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A $500 Deposit (Non Refundable) is due upon enrolment & a custom payment plan will be worked out. Must be paid in full by May 20th in order
to attend. Investment is in USD.
 All Local Taxes Included.

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What's Included

What's Not Included

Two 30-minute private sessions with Nafissa - 1 before & 1 after.

Two full days of facilitation, Equine activities & post retreat mastermind

All art supplies for Expressive Arts Projects.

Lunch each day, light snacks, and one dinner at the Ranch (food sensitivities will be accommodated).

Coffee, Tea, Refreshments and Snacks (you can even make a latte!).

Shuttle Pick Up and Drop Off Each Day from Designated Hotel.

Airfare or other travel costs to Vancouver.

​Hotel Accommodation.

​Transportation from the airport to your accommodation.

Transportation from any location other than the Designated Hotel.

Any meals outside of the Ranch or Personal activities and recreation

got questions?

I have answers!

Horse experience is not needed in order for you to experience their healing and transformation. They are here to be your guides, sages and healers.   

All activities are supervised by myself or another equine professional, and can be modified to suit your comfort level with proximity. It is up to you how much or little you’d like to engage with the horses. While this retreat is not about horsemanship, I've had clients who've healed their long time fears with horses as an extra bonus transformation. Also it's a good inner reflection to ask what this fear of horses is representing for you and how it's showing up in your life. 

What if I have no horse experience and/or am afraid of horses?

All activities with horses will be on the ground, no riding. The horses will be either haltered or at liberty in the arena, paddocks, and pasture.

Do we ride horses in this retreat?

Absolutely. What you learn and experience during an equine retreat will support, enhance and enrich any other work you are already doing. An Equine Experience is a MUST for anyone already doing their inner work. 

I already have another coach, is this for me?

As the Ranch is also my private home, the actual address and directions will be provided upon registration. Please see our travel section for airport and lodging information.

Where exactly in Vancouver is Believe and See Ranch?

Although the weather likely will be beautiful, please note that open toe or summer shoes of any kind will not be permitted. Safe, closed-toe shoes are a must around horses. The ground can sometimes be uneven, and/or present obstacles.

Boots or running shoes are fine. Please don't bring your fancy shoes or anything dressy - they will be ruined.
Even though it will be summer time, as Vancouver weather can be unpredictable, if you're travelling, please make sure to pack some light rain gear. While there is a covered facility in the event of inclement weather, all work with the horses will be outside.

Rain or Shine

Do I need special clothing?

Due to the intimate nature of these retreats and to ensure each participant has proper time and attention, as well as for the safety of both humans and horses, spaces are limited. This is how I am able to ensure the best experience possible. As such, once you commit to yourself and request a spot, we commit that spot to you- it's no longer available to anyone else. For that reason no refunds are offered. 

If due to completely unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances - such as a medical emergency, you cannot attend, please let us know and we'll happily work with you to apply your investment to a future retreat, or to transfer it to someone who would like your seat that is not already registered.

Is there a refund if I change my mind or can't make it?

I want you to have an unforgettable experience. I am confident that my herd and I in partnership, will help you to make massive shifts in your business and life. However if you don't feel that Experience was worth the investment, please let me know by the afternoon break on the first day, and I will gladly apply your investment to another program. However as space is extremely limited no cash refunds will be offered.

What about a guarantee?

Suggested Airports:

Vancouver International Airport is approximately 60 minutes Northwest of our suggested hotel.

Abbottsford International Airport is approximately 30 minutes Southeast of our suggested hotel

If you wish to fly into Washington State, USA and drive up (come through the SUMAS border crossing), we're approximately 3 hours from Sea-Tac airport and 1 hour from the Bellingham Airport (border wait times not included) .

Suggested Hotel:

As Believe and See Ranch is in a rural suburb of Vancouver, hotel options are limited. And as this is a small retreat we are not able to secure a room block or special pricing.  We recommend the Sandman SIGNATURE Hotel in Langley. at 8828 201 Street in Langley BC. They have reasonable rates and a flexible cancellation policy. This is also  our designated pick up point for the daily shuttle to the ranch.

Please note this is NOT the same as the Sandman Langley Hotel. Please make sure to book the correct hotel using the address & link provided. 

You can stay wherever you choose of course, however, please note you will be responsible for your own transportation to the pick up point or the ranch.

Is there any travel information?

Simply click your choice of payment and investment method above and you’ll be taken to a check out form. You'll receive a confirmation email. Once your payment has cleared and our team notified, during business hours, you’ll be sent a client agreement to e-sign and return. This is important as it’s our agreement and commitment to each other. Once we receive your signed agreement you'll receive all of your welcome emails and program details (if we receive it on a holiday, weekend or evening, it will send the very next business day).

And before you do, make sure you have a full read of the program agreement as once you click the enroll button you’ll be committing to these terms and any payments made are non refundable.

How do I Enroll?

Then let's talk! You can grab an appointment on my calendar by clicking right here

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what if i have other questions or need more info?

If you want to read my professional bio you can here 

As an entrepreneur, business leader, and coach, over the last 30 years, I've built and grown -multiple successful companies and businesses. Either as a leader on the executive team for various corporations or small business, and as the owner of my own businesses.

I've also coached many entrepreneurs to building their own
6 and 7 figure businesses

I'm Nafissa Shireen

Hi There! 

As the founder of The Prosperous Woman, I'm dedicated to helping women achieve their professional and personal goals, while embodying their true selves and feminine leadership qualities. Through coaching, workshops, and retreats, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping them align their internal state with their desires and create a Prosperous, spacious and fulfilling life.

With a deep connection to self and spirit, I bring a unique perspective to business strategy and leadership. What sets me apart is the incorporation of equine coaching and nature, which offers a deep and transformative experience of both personal and professional growth.

I'm also deeply passionate about kinder horsemanship, and bringing awareness to the value horses bring as sentient beings that goes beyond riding or perceived "usefulness".

So whether you're looking to grow your business, step into your power, reconnect with your inner wisdom,I'm here to help.